GPS Log – Log your adventures, great and small.

How it works:

  1. GPS Log gets your location from the GPS automatically.
  2. You add photos, text and tags (if you want)
  3. Browse the list of saved log entries or search by text and tags.
  4. Easily view logged locations on a map, and get directions to return.
  5. Connect with your friends by sharing single log entries, trip maps and lifetime maps over Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

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Traveling around the world and want to remember where you went? Or, going to a new coffee shop in your neighborhood? GPS Log records all your adventures, great and small.

GPS Log works with no data connection1, great when you're far from civilisation or overseas.

GPS Log preserves your battery life. Unlike some tracking tools, with GPS Log you power it up when you want want a log - then you power it down immediately. Saving your precious battery for more important things (such as calling for help if you are lost!).

Log the cities you visit, rate the restaurants in your city, geotag your photographs, remember where you parked your car, or where you went out. Record the mountain, river, or run you conquered, and much much more. With GPS Log, you can log just about anything.

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Only need the ability to share your current location (with text and images)? Try gpsME. Powered by GPS Log, gpsME enables you to share your location easily with its streamline interface, without keeping a historical log.


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GPS Log has a documentation wiki with some common help topics